Thursday, March 31, 2011

CPLP Study Network Session 1: Notes

I am excited about participating & managing the social media in the CPLP Study Network (group)! This study group runs bi-weekly for 24 weeks (through August 25th). We have over 50 members in 10 ASTD chapters and will hold most sessions virtually (through WebEx). A couple of face-to-face sessions (today being the first) will help us all touch base at the beginning and end of this journey.

CPLP Certification Overview and Test-Taking Strategies

ASTD Competency Model
This model is made up of the foundational competencies, areas of expertise, and roles

Module 1: Designing Learning
Module 2: Delivering Training
Module 3: Improving Human Performance
Module 4: Measuring and Evaluating
Module 5: Facilitating Organizational Change
Module 6: Managing the Learning Function
Module 7: Coaching
Module 8: Managing Organizational Knowledge (now with social media)
Module 9: Career Planning and Talent Management

If you are a member of ASTD, you can prepare for the AOE's with free webcasts!

Knowledge Exam
  • 150 multiple choice questions
  • 2.5 hours to complete the exam
  • questions are application-based from the "ASTD perspective"
  • approximately 90-100 hours to prepare for this exam
  • 57% of exam is focused on modules 1-4
Work Product

This is an actual work project that represents what you do in an AOE (choose your AOE for your work product).

Choose from following AOE's:
Designing Learning, Delivering Training, Measuring & Evaluating, Improving Human Performance, or Managing the Learning Function

CPLP Certification Process
1. Assess your professional goals and program fit
2. Register for the program
3. Begin test preparation
4. Receive authorization to test and schedule test session
5. Complete test preparation
6. Complete knowledge-based exam (part I) and pass
7. Apply for work product submission in one area
8. Submit work product (part II) and pass
9. Receive designation and maintain certification credits

Study Strategies

  • Read the ASTD LEarning System
  • Know theories and terms from the ASTD perspective
  • Drill and practice questions (focus on areas where you score less than 80%... ASTD Flash Cards are great)
  • Watch for questions that include "always" "include" and "does not include"
  • Eliminate obvious distracters
  • Watch out for statements that are true; however, they are not correct for that question
  • Always answer ALL questions
  • Consider writing down information on the blank paper provided to you by the test center (e.g. brain dump mnemonics or key info you used in studying, definitions, key words, tools, techniques)
  • Use the MARK button on the screen to review before submitting
  • Use ALL time allotted
Recertification Requirements

  • Valid for 3 years
  • 60 points to re-certify (or re-test) every 3 years
Recertification Categories and Maximum Allowable Points:
1. Continuing Education  30
2. Speaking and Instructing  20
3. On-the-Job Experience  20
4. Research and Publishing  20
5. Leadership and Recognition  15
6. Professional Membership  15

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  1. Thanks for the recap! Looking forward to studying with you! Marisa
    Follow @ITKnowConsult on Twitter! :)

  2. Great highlights! Good luck w/ team n training too. Just did this for the Disney half-marathon on January 8 -- awesome, awesome experience!